The CertiFresh Advantage™ Explained

Ask yourself these seven questions:

Does my current cigar vendor guarantee all their cigars will stay fresh for one year?
All CertiFresh™ cigars are guaranteed to stay fresh for one year no matter the storage conditions. Our active humidification via the patented Boveda™ insert keeps our cigars in perfect condition. CertiFresh™ is the ONLY company that uses an active, two-way humidification device. No standard tube will keep a cigar fresh for more than a few days. All CertiFresh™ cigars have an "enjoy by" date on each cigar, indicating when it was packaged and how much of the one year shelf life remains.
Do my staff or I have the time to maintain and monitor the moisture levels in our humidor every week?
Cigars are very fragile and must be kept at between 68-72% relative humidity. Too dry, the wrappers crack and unravel, too wet and they get moldy or won't light. Unless someone on your staff is keeping a watchful eye on your humidor and making sure the humidity is correct, you have less than perfect cigars. Your customers will notice a too dry or too wet cigar. CertiFresh™ cigars are always perfect. Perfect cigars increase sales.
Is my cigar provider paying the state tobacco tax for me?
We have found that many of the cigar companies (local and national) are not paying all state tobacco and federal tax on the cigars they are supplying golf courses. State tobacco tax can run as high as 95% of the wholesale cost of the cigar. Many suppliers do not have a distributor's license because of the cost (up to $3,000 a year) and they don't want to bother with the monthly paperwork. CertiFresh™ has all the necessary licenses and pays all associated taxes for you. You have enough to worry about; paying the cigar tax is our job, not yours.
Are all of my cigars top rated, nationally advertised, well known brands?
Many of the cigars obtained from a local shop are nothing more than their overstock. Local shops don't want to provide their best selling cigars to someone they are going to make less margin on. Every CertiFresh™ cigar has been rated an 87 or higher by Cigar Aficionado™ or Cigar Snob™ magazine. Every cigar we offer is the best there is. Every cigar is handmade, long filler; no cheap mix-fill cigars. Because we sell 20K+ cigars per month; we always have the freshest stock direct from the makers.
Am I selling cigars from our beverage cart?
If you're not selling cigars from a beverage cart you are losing out on significant additional sales. A customer on the back nine is not going to drive or walk all the way back to the pro shop for another cigar. They WILL buy another beer and cigar from your beverage cart, however. CertiFresh™ supplies you with a beverage cart cigar container at no charge. Because of our packaging, CertiFresh™ is the ONLY vendor that allows you to sell cigars from a beverage cart with zero risk of losing freshness. And with CertiFresh in your carts, you'll increase tournament day cigar sales as well.
How many cigars (and dollars) am I throwing away due to damage?
Many of our new customers report they were throwing away 10-20% of their cigars each month due to damage. It's human nature to want to squeeze and smell a fine cigar. Unfortunately, this often damages the cigar and makes it unsalable. When cigars become too dry, they develop cracks and splits. No one is going to spend $10 on a dried out cigar. If cigars are too wet, they get mold spots on them. No one is going to spend $10 on a moldy cigar. Because of our unique packaging, you'll never throw a CertiFresh™ cigar away due to handling or condition issues.
Am I missing out on tournament, corporate and wedding business with my current vendor?
Because every CertiFresh™ cigar features 100% custom packaging, we can design it to suit any customer or situation you might have. We will make custom artwork for any tournament, event, corporate customer or wedding for FREE! We only have a two box requirement for this service. Now you can offer cigars in custom packaging to every tournament to generate additional sales. CertiFresh Cigars are the perfect, low-cost gift for tournaments, events, outings, and weddings!