With every opening order we supply a custom mahogany display

With every opening order, CertiFresh supplies a custom mahogany display, featuring brass hardware and a beautiful gloss finish to complement your shop's d├ęcor.

Our tube display by Ashton holds up to 60 single tubes or a combination of single and two-pack tubes. Our sleeve displays by Oliva are available in a four-slot or six-slot configuration and can hold 32 or 48 cigars respectively. All displays are complementary.

Beverage cart

If you're not selling cigars from your beverage cart, you're missing out on significant additional sales!

Customers won't often go all the way back to the Pro Shop for another smoke, but they will buy one off the beverage cart.

Each CertiFresh beverage cart container
is waterproof so it can sit on top of
the ice in your beverage bins.
This keeps the cigars from
cooking in the hot sun!

Each bin holds about 15 cigars, and we include a menu for your cart
staff so they can show golfers which cigars are available.

Cigar Menu

Menu included in orders of three or more brands

Every order of three or more cigar brands includes a custom-made menu featuring the Cigar Aficionado Magazine and Cigar Snob Magazine ratings. We include menus with easels on the back for placement next to our display boxes and menus for each of your beverage carts.